It was my first few months at Timbertruss after I had to stay home three months as I was stood down amid the Covid Pandemic from April to June in 2020.

Special thanks go to Zoran, who believed in me and my ability to learn something new quickly and adapt. Zoran had a vision for the factory.

He saw how we could save the printing paper costs on the factory floor if we could go to a digital platform to view the engineering documents, which are heavily used everywhere in the factory.

Though Zoran was not a developer, he had already done very creative small apps for various things and used a few Android tablets in the factory. But going paperless is a challenge where we are to change a practice last for many years among the supervisors and operators. We knew for sure there would be some resistance to a change, and we know that is normal.

Also, we didn’t have much time to spend on this project, and the idea was to use Power Apps to achieve this. Another challenge was PDFs are output from another software system by detailers in the office. Details regarding the jobs are in the legacy web application MAJIC and the MS SQL database. I saw an opportunity to replace paper with digital tablets and implement a factory job management application that Supervisors can use to order and assign jobs to the factory floor and monitor. Zoran liked the idea, which could revolutionise and replace the paper-based hectic way that Supervisor’s used to manage and monitoring manufacturing jobs on the floor.

As a result, I could develop the DocuSync service to split, name, process and sync the documents to the cloud to be consumed by the Supervisor’s Paperless app and the Operator’s app. By integrating data from the MAJIC system, using already existed and familiar licensed application platforms, I could develop and build an ecosystem call “Timbertruss Paperless.” As of now, it is used by more than two hundred users across three shifts 24 hours a day. I used C#.NET to develop the windows service and windows app for DocuSync. Also used MSSQL, Sharepoint, Power Apps, and Power Automate to build this platform with the limited time and resources allocated for the project.

We were able to help save more than 10k a month by replacing paper on the factory floor. Also, we could increase productivity by 20% with the job management apps.

Again special thanks go to Zoran, Matty, Craig in IT and Production Supervisors, 2ICs and Operators who showed tremendous support to build and roll out the system. Last but not least, General Manager Penny and Business Manager Steve believed in Zoran and me that we could make it happen within only a few months; thanks a lot!