Bin Bot The Waste Manager

While I spent my time losing my job due to Corona pandemic, I saw this advertisement on Facebook about the competition. The Open Innovation Competition held by the City of Melbourne council.  The theme of the competition for 2020 is “waste elimination and the circular economy”.

As I see that, I came up with this idea to create a ChatBot that answers your queries about waste management.  Personally, it has been a day to day problem and struggles to decide and correctly put waste in each coloured bins. Especially it is tricky sometimes to determine what exactly goes to the recycle bin. Sometimes the things we thought that go to recycle bin are actually not recyclable. As an example, the typical paper coffee cup is not recyclable due to its thin plastic coating inside.   Also vice versa, the items look like garbage are not garbage, and you can recycle them and avoid them ending up in landfills. This happens because of the lack of knowledge among the people what exactly their council is capable of recycling and also what are the other options they have in recycling such as hardware, e-waste collection points and REDcycle program. The idea is to connect the bots to the popular social platforms such as Messenger, WhatsApp and for Smarthome devices like Google Home and Alexa. The main objective is to make the right localised information accessible to the citizens and help them in waste management.

So I built a chatbot prototype with Microsoft Bot Framework and presented it connected to Facebook Messenger channel.  The bot uses  Microsoft LUIS (Language Understanding) for natural language processing. Check here what Cognitive  AI services that Microsoft offers for us to build intelligent apps.

Also, I have developed a simple Google Assistant bot to demonstrate this. Have a look at my quick initial presentation of the prototype below. Wish me good luck for the competition 🙂