It has been a difficult time for everyone with the Corona pandemic, the devastation that the whole world faces right now. Currently, as I write this post, most of the countries face the second wave of the virus, which is terrible.

For me, the situation was terrible as I poorly timed my visit to Sri Lanka in March, which didn’t go as expected :(. I resigned from my previous employer Pace advertising in March hoping to join with Australia’s leading prefab manufacturer Timbertruss in Geelong as an Application Developer. I was excited about the job, and I planned my home country visit to see my friends and family in the break I have between two jobs. But I had to come back to Australia within four days since the Corona spiked in both countries and the whole world at lightning speed. I had to be in quarantine for fourteen days and eventually my commencement date was postponed to July as Timbertruss was affected by the economic crisis in the real estate market. Ouch. Now it was not a pleasant time and also not that bad as I had more time for family.


Anyway, here I am starting in Timbertruss! It is a great place to be, pleasant, friendly working environment. I am excited about the .NET work that comes in my way, and I have already started building a mobile app using Microsoft Power Apps. That’s all about for now. Cheers!! Stay safe all.