As a Support Manager @ Pace Advertising

At Pace where I currently work, I play multiple roles and responsibilities as a Web Administrator & Developer and as a Support Manager.

I just wanted to write here something about my life as a Support Manager at Pace. Pace Advertising is a well-known advertising company in Geelong established in 1965. Still in the business of traditional advertising as well as digital advertising and services. Pace acquired Choc Chip Digital a few years back, and it is the current digital services wing in the company.

As a support manager, I do take client enquiries not limited to website bugs, server problems, email problems and usability issues. The enquires come as phone calls, through the support ticketing system we use, via email and also when meeting in person.

So I analyse the requests, I do categorise them whether the inquiry is a new requirement / new module, a bug, server problem etc. Also, I set the priorities as it can be a critical problem such as business email failure, website down or a problem with the payment gateway so on and so forth.

As I do work as a developer and administrator, some problems can be easily solved and worked out by my self. But it is not the case always. I have four other team members with me so that I assign the tasks according to the nature of the request. Discuss with them and estimating the time and resource taken to solve a problem. I do create/update the ticketing system with the details, advise the clients with the costs, keep them up to date with the staus and keep a good relationship with them while liaising with the team members to get the work done.

As I’m writing this blog post, it is almost eight months at Pace, and I have dealt with around one hundred clients and processed more than three hundred inquiries.

Sometimes clients can get a bit confused with the technology, not happy about certain failiures. I always stay calm, communicate with them precisely, keep them up to date with the status of the support ticket, give them the confidence that we are here to help and at the end try to make them satisfied with the service we provide.

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