Time to time, I have been working with different CMSs for years now, including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Nopcommerce.

In my current working place (Pace), we have some old Drupal sites, but most of the time (99%) we only do WordPress now.

It is not a secret that WordPress is the most popular content management system in the world with recorded 1.3 billion + active websites at the moment. It is around 20% of all the hosted websites in the world.

Why is WordPress the best? Top three facts why I love it.

WordPress is free!!!!!

Yes, WordPress is free and open source. You are free to download, install and modify it to match your needs.

WordPress is easy to customise with themes and plugins.

With hundreds and thousands of themes and plugins available for free and commercially, we can implement such functionalities as shopping carts, event bookings etc. with no time, without reinventing the wheel.

Also with child plugins and themes, the developers can override and customise the functionalities without breaking any of the original code and make sure the added custom codes do not break or limit the themes, plugins or the WordPress core. Because of that, we do not have to worry about updating them to the latest versions. Keeping your website up to date with bug fixes and improvements is essential.

Easy to manage

The update management system built into WordPress lets you update plugins and themes easily within the backend admin panel.