Cordova (Now Apache Cordova) is a great hybrid platform for building mobile apps targetting multiple mobile platforms Apple, Android or Windows mobile. But who cares about Windows mobile these days, so yes it is all about having one code base and deploys to Android and iOS.


Cordova apps are built with HTML, CSS and JS. If you are a web developer good at those technologies, then the Cordova is for you. If your Javascript programming skills are excellent, then it is a plus point to work with Cordova.

Not just a web application

Cordova is not just an HTML application that runs in a mobile browser, it allows you to write native plugins that work with any of the supported platforms, and a JavaScript container will integrate your HTML application with the native code.


Being able to have one code base and deploy to multiple platforms is a fantastic thing when it comes to mobile application development. With Cordova plugins available, the platform supports even accessing native APIs of mobile platforms such as camera and other sensors.

Not completely automated process

It is not completely automatic since if you write individual style information for each platform objective, you can not make Cordova automatically apply the transformation at compile-time; you have to change the linked style manually.

Lack of support

You might not have up to date supporting materials and proper support as for the native application development tools.

Complicated configuration

Configuration and use can be complicated as it requires the use of the command line.