A website of a council is a place lot of users visit in search of information and services. The functionality of a website is an essential factor, so do the look and feel of a website. Mildura council’s website is built with the OpenCities platform ( ASP.NET based). The council has realised the importance of improving the look and feel of the website by enhancing its User Interface rather than using the default basic layout of the OpenCities.

The project was challenging because of the limited timeframe we had as well as the NO support from OpenCities on their proprietary platform customisation.
I skimmed through their online documentation. I tested my skills to the fullest, in customising the interfaces of their modules using HTML, CSS and JS. Not only preserving the existing functionality but also paying particular attention to the mobile layout to make sure the site looks great across various mobile devices, including iPads and iPhones.

Special thank goes to the project manager Nick, the creative designer Rory, who has worked hard on this.

Old Web:
Mildura OpenCities Web Old Look
Mildura OpenCities Web, New Look:
mildura web new look