Camping at Johanna Beach

Victoria is a magnificent estate to be in the land in down under, Australia. Australia is one of the few countries in the southern hemisphere with breathtaking views and nature.

Camping is a big thing in Australia. Aussies love camping. Everyone waits for the weekend, most of the time to go somewhere, camping etc. Especially in Summer, where we have warmer weather. Summer in Australia falls in December – February (The opposite for those in the northern hemisphere)

So I went on a camping trip with my brother and four more friends to this beautiful camping ground called Johanna Beach, which is in South West Victoria, down the famous Great Ocean Drive.

We only stayed overnight. We didn’t do much, just emptied an esky full of beers, walked on the beach, ah yeah I could fly my drone.

On the way back we went to Shelly beach, a beautiful hidden beach by the Great Ocean road.

Overall Australia has excellent beaches with breathtaking views. Only complain from me is about the cold water temperature that didn’t make me jump into the waters. A typical guy born in a tropical country (I love Sri Lankan beaches!!), I have to make that complain 😛

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