Choc Chip Digital’s (Subsidiary of Pace) long term client wanted to retrieve and feed Caravan information from a third party to their WordPress website.

The third-party didn’t have any and API or service where I could utilise to retrieve their data to our side, but the only thing they could do for us is just dumping their data to an FTP location, including photos and CSVs. Yes, all the hassle of cleansing and reading the dumped data was in our side. At the same time, the client wanted a scalable solution for managing their storage, including Caravan photos, so that we proposed using AWS S3. 

With the limited timeframe had, I was able to develop a module to in PHP, integrating S3 bucket and retrieving photos and .csv files. Then cleansed and validated the data and formatted it to insert to the WordPress database.

I want to thank Riz, the WordPress guru who has worked on the WordPress part of the project.